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Speak Beloved is about encouraging the ones who love. It’s one of the last instructions Jesus gave to His disciples – to be known for their love. But it’s not easy. We need all the encouragement we can get, to be equipped and inspired to love those around us. Speak Beloved tackles the tough topics of depression, anxiety and fear. We talk about relationships and careers and the obstacles we face. We speak life and prophecy and hope to the dark places. Have a look around, join the conversation and subscribe to our newsletter. It’s good to see you here, Beloved.

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Fear Rebellion

Fear is one of, if not the most common and pervasive struggle in the western church today. It distracts us, paralyzes us, and anesthetizes us from the abundant work of God. The enemy loves playing with fear because He knows that it is in opposition to faith, and it is...

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Armed for Battle

I don't think I've ever seen armour up close. That's a privilege I carry, that I've never been in battle, never had reason to physically arm myself. So in the past when I've read this passage of Ephesians (6:10-20), I've only loosely grasped the concept. The reality...

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Avoiding the Disappointment Trap

Holidays can be a big disappointment trap. We set a lot of expectations on ourselves and those around us. We also have their expectations imposed on us, some more than others. Emotions are running and high and kids are running sugar-high, which adds up to a lot of...

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Life After Shame

Shame was really the first evidence of sin. In that garden called Eden, Adam & Eve dishonoured God by eating the forbidden fruit. Immediately they became ashamed of their nakedness. I can't begin to comprehend all that happened in that moment of history, but I can...

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About Depression

Depression is a problem, but it is not a shame. It's the outworking of pain, it's a spirit crying for help, to be noticed, to be seen. There is nothing shameful about recognizing this. There is nothing embarrassing about answering that cry, or noticing the...

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Stolen Identity

I have 7 little ones in my care right now. 7 tiny people with 7 big personalities. 7 sets of strengths and weaknesses, different ways of celebrating life and bringing joy to those around them. 7 different sets of annoying habits, unique needs and weak areas. But I...

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