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Amy Hayward

Amy Hayward

Writer & Designer

God is longing for His sons and daughters to rise up in this world and be fully convinced of their identity, worth and value. This world needs us to come alive with His voice, His words, and His presence. Every Christian, no matter your past or present circumstances, can not only hear from God but be His voice in this world. The words and resources you’ll find here are to spur you on to embrace your own identity as God’s Beloved. My name, Amy, means Beloved. For most of my life I found it impossible to believe that I was not only loved, but that the very core of my identity is as God’s Beloved. I’ve walked through a lot of brokenness and dark valleys, and God has redeemed it all and is building something far greater in me than I could ever have dreamed. The truth is that God is fighting for each of us to know this, to have eyes to see and ears to hear His vision for us.

I grew up in Winnipeg, MB and later on moved to Vernon, BC. The prairies are a part of me, with the wide open skies and people with talents & community that have been hard earned over cold winter months. This new place is a part of me too, this rolling landscape with mountains and lakes and raw earth who’s aroma echoes the very hands of our Creator. I am a single woman, with no children of my own but a house full of the joys and trials that come with raising kids all the same. Daycare is what fills my hours, time and energy spent on little ones who so clearly live the faith that I long to hold.

For most of my adult life I worked with lovely friends and mentors, contending for the strength and growth of worship leaders in Canada. Those years were the ground in which Father God broke me, molded me and filled me. Experiences too valuable to forget, which have burned a passion in me for authentic worship experiences, and a desire to take others with me on this journey. I’ve been writing & designing resources here since 2013, and I love working with like minded people. God is always speaking, and He wants to breathe fresh life into you and your community. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please contact me. Thanks for visiting!