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Speak Beloved is about encouraging the ones who love. It’s one of the last instructions Jesus gave to His disciples – to be known for their love. But it’s not easy. We need all the encouragement we can get, to be equipped and inspired to love those around us. Speak Beloved tackles the tough topics of depression, anxiety and fear. We talk about relationships and careers and the obstacles we face. We speak life and prophecy and hope to the dark places. Have a look around, join the conversation and subscribe to our newsletter. It’s good to see you here, Beloved.

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A Letter to the Under Valued

Hello Beloved. You need to hear this, if you are waiting for a better day. You need to hear this if you are in a dead end job, or in between jobs, or are in a place where your passions and talents are not being recognized. You need to hear this if you are a parent who...

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I Don’t Know

I used to have all the answers, and it felt great. I was really good at describing what went on behind the scenes. Figuring out how things work. Mature for my age. Wise. Curious. I was the one you came to when you needed an answer, when you wanted to know the why and...

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Freedom You Don’t Need

What are you waiting for, what is the thing that you need to truly be set free? We're all held back in different areas of our lives. Waiting, hoping, praying and manipulating to get the thing that sets us free. You can see it, picture it - finally getting ____ will...

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Preparing for the Unknown

There's a lot of unknowns in this life. And I don't know about you, but I'm a planner. I like steps and manuals and instructions. I love a good spreadsheet and I thrive with rules. Calendars, checklists and integrated technology make my heart skip a beat. But those...

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Love Your Story

People love stories. It's the oldest form of teaching, stories through song and word, picture and action, told to every new generation. Meant to teach, to impart wisdom, and to remind every child that they too have a place in a larger story. Our Holy Bible is a book...

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Dry Seasons

We love easy answers, and we love to explain away our problems as "seasons". But we cross the line into dangerous territory when we lump God into that easy answer. When we start to believe that God withdraws from us for a season, or that He is less affectionate or...

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