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Speak Beloved is about encouraging the ones who love. It’s one of the last instructions Jesus gave to His disciples – to be known for their love. But it’s not easy. We need all the encouragement we can get, to be equipped and inspired to love those around us. Speak Beloved tackles the tough topics of depression, anxiety and fear. We talk about relationships and careers and the obstacles we face. We speak life and prophecy and hope to the dark places. Have a look around, join the conversation and subscribe to our newsletter. It’s good to see you here, Beloved.

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Dry Seasons

We love easy answers, and we love to explain away our problems as "seasons". But we cross the line into dangerous territory when we lump God into that easy answer. When we start to believe that God withdraws from us for a season, or that He is less affectionate or...

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Emancipation Proclamation

Slavery is an awful thing. At it's very core, it's an attempt to devalue an invaluable human life. Slavery does two things - it removes the freedom of the person, and it's also a vehicle for abuse and violence towards that same person. I've never been exposed to...

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The Anxiety Secret

It's time to talk about anxiety. I know, it's not a sexy subject. It's not proper, or of-the-moment, or polite conversation. And I'm broadcasting from the great land of Canada, where polite is our middle name. But Beloved, it's time. Anxiety is the thing that God...

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Hungry for Restoration

We all need redeeming. The further you get on your journey in this life, the more you see the need for it. Brokenness is all around. It's in families, it's in churches, it's in bodies and friendships and histories. No matter how good your...

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You’re Not Too _____

You know that voice in your head? The one that's a little too familiar, a little too loud? It sounds something like this "You are too _____!" I'm not going to fill in your blank because it's different for each of us. Maybe someone has said...

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The Real Meaning of Abide

One of my favourite Psalms is 91. It's one of those ones for me where I could sit with one word at a time, chewing it slowly and letting it sink in deep. There's no season in my life it doesn't apply to, no day where I read those words and go unchanged. For the past...

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