Amy Hayward

Amy Hayward

Writer & Speaker

Amy grew up in Winnipeg, MB and now resides in beautiful Vernon, BC. She works as the manager at Hear the Music Ministries, and is completing a degree of Biblical Studies with YWAM. Amy is passionate about connecting people with the God who speaks.


My name, Amy, means Beloved. For most of my life I found it impossible to believe that I was not only loved, but I was someone that God chose to speak to and through. To me, Speak Beloved has a double significance. It means that I am Beloved, and God speaks to me, and also that God has called me to speak to His Beloved, to the church.

The goal of this space is to bring encouragement to the ones who love – as one of the last instructions Jesus gave to His followers, we are all called to be known by our love. In order to do this we need to rise up as sons and daughters of the King, and be fully convinced of our identity, worth and value. This world is dying for us to come alive with His voice, His words, and His presence. Every Christian, no matter your past or present circumstances, can not only hear from God but be His voice in this world. At Speak Beloved we look at tough topics like depression, anxiety and fear, but we look at them through the lens of Scripture. We use God’s Word to expose who He wants to be for us and explore how we can apply it in our lives today.

I believe God is always speaking, and He wants to breathe fresh life into you and your community. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, I’d love to talk to you more about that. Thanks for visiting!

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