Active Waiting

If you are in a season of waiting, you are in good company. Almost any biblical character you can think of went through their own - here’s just a sample: Joseph waited 13 years before stepping into leadership David waited 14 years Abraham waited 25 years to receive God’s promise Moses waited 40 years even Jesus waited 30 years before beginning His ministry!

I myself am currently waiting for a promise God gave me to be fulfilled. 5 years ago He told me what His promise was in a certain area of my life, and I have yet to see it realized. It seems that this God of ours knows something about the waiting that we don’t, and it’s an opportunity for us to exercise our faith. I can’t begin to determine His reasons in your life or mine, and I don’t even want to. I love the wonder and mystery because it gives me a chance to be small, and to let God be big. It’s not my job to connect all the dots, my only job is to trust the One who hung the stars and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

If you can join me in that place of faith, let me push you one step further and say that we have an obligation to be active in our waiting. The alternative is an inactive waiting, which kind of looks like a lazy cat that only moves when the sunbeam gets out of reach. The truth is, we’re great multitaskers (you too, men!). It is absolutely possible for you to be waiting for a promise to be fulfilled, and at the same time be growing in influence and stepping out in ministry. You are valuable to the Kingdom of God where you are right now. Those great men of faith I mentioned earlier, the ones referenced in the Hebrews 11 hall of fame, they waited actively. They made the most of it (and made some pretty big mistakes too). Here’s a few ways you can wait actively:

Get on your face If you receive a promise or prophecy, chances are you didn’t also get an exact date. You do not know how long you have before it is fulfilled, and you don’t know all the ways it will change your life when it is. Make the most of this time by soaking up every minute you have with God. Ask Him what He wants to teach you here. Savour this season, because when change comes it sweeps all the leftover crumbs away.

Practice what you know Show your faithfulness with what you currently have. Steward it well, whether it is opportunities to minister or relationships and community. Don’t throw out yesterday’s gifts in anticipation of what’s coming next week.

Dress for the job you want Conduct yourself as if you’ve already received the promise. This means taking risks, letting go of fear and accepting maturity. Every promise finds is yes and amen in Jesus - even though you are yet to see it, it is already bought and paid for.

Remind yourself The waiting can be exhuasting. After a few years, the promise you received seems far away, and you start to question whether you heard correctly, or whether God changed His mind or forgot about you. That was Abraham’s problem when he decided to help God out and speed things along. Be proactive and write that promise down. Keep it in front of you, and have someone you trust keep you accountable to holding onto hope.

I have a 3 yr old in my care who just discovered how to pump his legs on the swings. He climbed up there today and started going, and out of habit he yelled across the playground, asking me to come and push him. His muscles have learned the motion that's needed to swing, so quite naturally he is soaring higher and higher as he calls out to me. He was so focused on what he used to need from me, he didn't even realize that he no longer needed it! Beloved, faith does not grow in spite of the waiting, it grows because of it. Hang onto hope and you will see your promise fulfilled sooner than you think.