A Letter to the Under Valued

Hello Beloved. You need to hear this, if you are waiting for a better day. You need to hear this if you are in a dead end job, or in between jobs, or are in a place where your passions and talents are not being recognized. You need to hear this if you are a parent who has carefully placed your dreams on a shelf while you teach a child how to dream their own. This letter is for you.

You were made for more. You have talent that has been crafted, and passion that has been planted in you by the Creator of the universe. There's a sweet spot for you, maybe we call it work and maybe we call it ministry. But it's there, and it's possible. There is a place where the planets align and everything clicks and you exhale, ah, this is where you belong. It's the place that's both exhausting and exhilarating - where you are quite comfortable being defined by your title because it feels so true to who you are. That place is real, and true, and available.

But you're not there right now. Not yet. Perhaps you have one foot in the door, or one toe on the ledge. Perhaps you know you're in the vicinity, but can't quite mark the sweet spot on the map.

Please know that where you are is ok. Where you are is not a dead end, or a lost cause, or wasted time. Where you are is an opportunity - the kind of opportunity that only comes in this season, and the kind where God will deposit something in you that is more valuable than you will understand for a long time to come.

Please continue to take small steps of obedience. Go out of your way to follow God's promptings, and steward well what you have.

Please love the ones in front of you. They are not unworthy of what you can offer. What you pour out for them will not be wasted, even if it appears to be.

Please continue to dream, to lean towards the sweet spot on the map. Allow those dreams to change shape and colour over time. Hold them loosely, because God holds it all.

Please keep exercising those muscles that are not being used right now. Continue to stretch and learn and be true to who I have made you to be. Look for ways to use those muscles, even if no one is paying you or asking you to. Use them in the dark, in the back row, with the children and the poor.

Your life will not be measured in achievements or titles. It will be measured in the small moments, the consistent choices and the quiet love. Life doesn't begin in the next season, it's here. It's time to live now, to live in fullness and abundance. You are not under valued, or under utilized, or under appreciated. Because Beloved, you are not defined by a title or role - you are defined by my love for you. My love, as your Father, is where your appreciation lives.