Kingdom Mothers

This world needs more mothers. This church, whichever church you find yourself in, is crying out for more mothers. There's too much brokenness, too much confusion, too many lost kids fighting to stay on the path that leads to life. There are too many twisted interpretations of love - wounds that have forced a soul to change shape from it's original design, like an oak tree twisting and growing to accommodate an immovable object. Mothers are designed to love. God in His mighty omniscience granted this overwhelming capacity to love unconditionally, knowing He had already designed us to be born as babies who mostly just cry and poop and bring a lot of pain. I don't know how you can explain a mother's love without mentioning God. It doesn't make sense in the natural. The job of a mom on paper looks like a big to do list. Meals, laundry, planning, providing, and knowing where every item is in the house at any given moment. But that's just the icing on the cake of motherhood. It's deceiving that way, because all those things take a lot of time, and you could do only those things and look like a mother. But the real work of mothers? It's the unseen. It's the loving, the praying, the wailing, the burden bearing, the wisdom sharing, the confidence building. It's not the things done with the hands that make a mother, but it's the words spoken and the million little ways a mother builds and releases her children into a greater purpose than the one the world holds for them. A mother puts the needs of the child ahead of the wants of the child. The work of motherhood is mirroring and building into the Father's vision for the child. The mother looks at the child and sees the best case scenario every time. A mother is hope. She is perseverance, integrity and mercy.

She is these things because God is these things. Anything good in us is from Him, Amen? When God took that rib from Adam and formed Eve, He was defining the first mother. He breathed life into her, all of the amazing characteristics of motherhood being carried on the very breath of God. He is fatherhood too, with it's own unique benefits to the child. With all the gender confusion going on around us, God is using this Mother's Day & Father's Day season to remind us of His design. A woman is a mother. A childless mother is still a mother. I'm one of those - the childless ones. But I am no less a mother. The little girl just learning her name? She's a mother too. The woman with no desire for children? She's a mother. The woman confused about her calling? She's a mother. The woman who's grieved and packed away all the baby things? She's a mother. The woman who messed up every chance she had to raise her kids? She's a mother.

God is raising up spiritual mothers because He loves His kids. It's not so much about the practical side, the hands on work of taking care of each other. It's not even about formal mentorship relationships or partnered life coaching. This season is about the heart of the King - to see all His children living in the freedom and courage He's provided. Motherhood makes that possible. Let's step into it together.

If you are a woman, just take a moment and put your hand over your heart. Speak this out over yourself. If you're a man, would you lay hands on the closest mother to you and declare this blessing over her? Share this post on twitter or facebook and tag anyone you want to equip into spiritual motherhood!

You are an amazing mother. God has uniquely gifted you for motherhood. You are full of lovingkindness. You are compassionate and affectionate. You radiate a love that never fails. You don't have women's intuition - you have a holy discernment and wisdom. You inspire those around you to worship & pray with freedom and passion that always points to Jesus. You fight for the protection of the Father's kids. You fiercely defend and champion the children around you. You see everyone through the Father's eyes, and fear doesn't hold you back from lavishing His love on them. You give out of the overflow of what you receive from the King, your beloved. Your value is more precious than rubies or pearls. You are an amazing mother.