When the Future is Fuzzy

Maybe, like me, you had a wonderful plan for your future - all mapped out on it's own Pinterest board. That wedding/baby/career/vacation you have planned for and dreamed about. Arranged each aspect so neatly, colour coded and alphabetized each step. And then suddenly, it's gone. Life happens, or the enemy makes his move, or God steps in. If I could urge you - let your heart move right past that previous sentence, don't put too much effort into figuring out which one of those descriptions fits your current circumstance. Because the truth is, it's not what's important. Whether it was a human mistake, an attack of the enemy, or the mysterious hand of God - you're here now, and any one of those causes should have the same effect. Hear this now, soak it in, because I know it with every fibre of my being. No matter what zapped that perfect plan you had, God's intention is to bring beauty from the broken. How can I know that, without knowing YOUR pain, your circumstance - how can I be so sure? Because I know Him. I don't know a lot, but this is one thing I'm sure of. I'll plant a flag here. I've lived it. Whether pain is caused by my own brokenness, or the brokenness around me, or His hand saving me from something I can't see - His desire and intention every time is to turn that pain into beauty. But it's a partnership, this process of pain turned beautiful, it takes two. He wants to partner with you because when you choose the process it is the secret ingredient that's sprinkled in. It's called faith. Also known as trust. You trust that God is for you, not against you. You trust that He is your defender against any enemy. You trust that He has a good plan for your future. You trust that even though your plan has disintegrated right before you, His hasn't.

Beloved, His plan is indestructible, as long as you continue to choose to trust.

If you know toddlers, you know they trust implicitly. They jump, fully trusting that you will catch them (even if you're not looking). They believe every fairytale and story, and fully trust that when you tell them who they are, it is truth (whether good or bad). When I look into the eyes of that innocent 3 year old girl and say "you are beautiful" she trusts me completely, her eyes light up and she says "I AM beautiful!".

I used to see years in advance. I had a 5 year plan, 10 year plan, 50 year plan. Right now my future is so fuzzy that I don't have a plan for tomorrow. But I'm trusting - that my Beloved's plan for me is better than anything I could imagine, filled with far more beauty than anything I could "pin".