You're Not Too _____

You know that voice in your head? The one that's a little too familiar, a little too loud? It sounds something like this "You are too _____!"

I'm not going to fill in your blank because it's different for each of us. Maybe someone has said it to you, or maybe a lot of people have. Maybe it screams at you from the mirror, or maybe you work hard to keep it hidden. It might be something about your personality, your body, or your character. Chances are you've even asked God to change it. We all have things about us we'd like to change... except kids. Have you noticed that? A child never thinks "I'm too _____", until someone else tells them to. Until the world steps in and tells them who they should be, they are completely comfortable in their own skin. Fully accepting every bump and flaw and eccentricity. Flaunting them even!

This is God's hope for you. This is His design, for you to become more childlike. Refuse to agree with the I'm too _____ thought. Here's the measuring stick; you have full permission to think any thought that Jesus has. Full permission, if He is hopeless about something you can be hopeless about it. Absolutely. Does Jesus think you're too _____? Does He dwell on your flaws or eccentricities? Ask Him! (hint: it's always NO) He has a lot of thoughts about you, and not a single one of them is that you're too _____. There is no circumstance you're in that He feels hopeless about.

The amount of care and planning and thought He put in to making you is mind boggling. He numbered every hair on your head for goodness sake. Every hair! He notices you. He searches you out. He discerns your thoughts. He knows every word on your tongue. He leads you and follows you and surrounds you. He formed you, and intricately knit you together. His eyes are on you, His heart is for you and His thoughts are towards you. He's kind of obsessed with you.

And yet, not at all worried. Not critical. Not judging. He loves you as fully and completely as He loves His precious son Jesus. The fullness of His love for you is not dependant on being any more or any less than what you currently are. And it won't ever change. With a love so secure, doesn't that thought seem silly now? It's lost it's power, it has no authority on a son or daughter of the King. You are exactly who God created you to be, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You, Beloved, are not too _____.