You know the kind that cause agony, where it feels like you are choosing between a rock and a hard place? We all face them at one point or another, and if you’re in leadership of any kind – in business, ministry or family, you will face them often. It’s exhausting, draining, and can break you if you try to bear the weight of it all. When your decisions effect others, it is all too easy to hold yourself responsible for their well being. ¬†Regardless of which difficult decision you are facing, there is one thing that holds true for each of us, every single time. God wants to speak your difficult decision. There is no choice you will face, no hard thing you prepare for that God will abandon you to. What He has to say might not be what you expect, and His answers to our questions are often more questions (read the red words in your bible). But what He has to say will shift everything. His words, his questions will lift your view to see what lies on the other side of that rock and hard place. His voice will ease the burden you are carrying, for the Lord is near to all who call on Him (psalm 145:18).

Listening is sometimes the hardest thing, isn’t it? It requires a rest, a stopping of all else. It’s the one thing you can’t multitask, which is difficult in this culture of multitasking. But it’s oh so rewarding, if you learn to listen. Listen to God with an open mind, a patient heart and a hopeful expectation. He will speak, in fact He can’t wait to speak to your circumstances. If you’re talking to your screen right now and saying hey I tried that, he didn’t say anything, I can’t hear him… Here’s a few troubleshooting questions for you. Are you really taking time to seek him? Not seeking him while you watch tv, or telling him he’s allowed to intrude with his answer, or asking someone else to seek him for you? Are you giving him freedom to respond or are you expecting a specific answer from him? He knows you better than you know yourself – he’s numbered every hair on your head and he sees the outcome of every option in front of you. Finally, are you expecting him to answer or do you make your request and walk away? This is as real a conversation as the one you have with the kid who took your coffee order this morning. Would you ask them the price and then simply walk away because you were sure they wouldn’t answer? How much more should we wait at the feet of the one who holds it all in his hands, when our future and the well being of others is on the line?!

These things are not requirements for a response, but if you’re feeling blocked they are good things to work through. Beloved, you can trust Him with it all. He is faithful, and He cares infinitely more than you can imagine. You will be blessed for hearing from Him, and He will be blessed by your faith. Make it a habit to take every difficult thing to your loving Father.

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