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We want Him to break through the dust of every day life, through the ordinary moments and relentless negativity that seeps through our screens and invades our thoughts. We want Him to show up with power and might, with grace and mercy, to prove His love. We want Him to not be silent.

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Love Your Story

What is the narrative of your life? What act are you in? How would you describe the part of the story you're in? And what if you could zoom out for a minute, and take a look at the bigger picture? You might see that this chapter really isn't as long as it feels. You might find that the pieces God is stringing together speaks a more beautiful truth than you could imagine from the page you're stuck on now.

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Dry Seasons

When we start to believe that God withdraws from us for a season, or that He is less affectionate or less kind in some seasons than others, we're believing a lie. The truth is, He never changes. Nothing about Him changes - not His character, not His countenance towards you, not the way His eyes shine when He looks at you.

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For the Love of Discipline

One of my kids was having a rough day yesterday and heading into a tantrum. He was half way up the stairs when I saw the legs and arms start to flail, and frustrated noises bubbling up inside of him. I swooped that little body in close, and hugged him tight. I temporarily removed his freedom and forced him to receive a hug. The arms & legs relaxed and he melted into me. What felt like punishment to him at first was actually a loving discipline.

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Why Worship Matters

There’s a lot that happens in the unseen world while we worship through song. I don’t think we will understand it all this side of heaven, but we can note that it is powerful. The great and True story of the battle of Jericho shows how God used song to topple the walls of the city. Worship is a weapon of spiritual warfare, and should be used as such. 

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